Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love the Teaching

     I really do love teaching. As I walked down the hall today, I thought to myself, "I feel happy when I'm teaching." And I do. I love interacting, showing, developing and scaffolding and building the understanding until I see the glitter in one pair of eyes, then another and another, until hands are in the air and smiles are on their faces.  I love thinking of a new, better way to lead kids to that understanding, and I have a lot of fun singing about math- especially since the best co-teacher in the world (Julie) is so talented at making up songs about tough math topics. I love saying "Good morning" and even, "Where is your homework?". I love when my little darling with the huge 'tude can't resist my sweet as candy patience and understanding and ends up complying with my wishes despite her previous eye rolls, tongue clicks, and shoulder shrugs. Teaching is not hard. The paperwork, heartache, and red tape is hard. But the teaching...that, I love.

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