Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teacher Truths

We had a wonderful field trip to Siena College to see a basketball game. It was a fantastic experience for the children! They had the best time! I had a great time, too, watching my students enjoy themselves while staying in control and being both respectful and responsible...a teacher's dream! I returned to the school relieved, and partially deaf.
After the game, I got to thinking about some things that have happened over the last few days, and how "stuff works" as a teacher. Here are some teacher truths that occurred to me today:
No matter how many times you have told them to "go back and reread", they don't.
If you say, "Put your name on your paper", at least one person won't.
If you tell the children to use the bathroom, and one says he doesn't have to go, he WILL have to go as soon as you don't have a bathroom nearby.
If there is a bathroom on the bus, the children will use it. Unless you tell them it's broken, and then magically nobody has to go.

That's just a few from today! There are many, many teacher truths. Can you think of one?

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